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Wholesale Sea Moss

We have wholesale purple and gold wildcrafted sea moss available. We ship wholesale orders worldwide. Our sea moss is harvested from the fresh clear waters of St. Lucia. If you're looking for a wholesale supplier for you sea moss needs you came to the right place. 

Not sure about what you want? You can contact us via email at wholesale@seamossisland.com and we will be happy to help you.

Want Sea Moss Products Wholesale?

We have many great sea moss products available for wholesale. From sea moss gummies, sea moss gel, sea moss oil, sea moss hyaluronic acid, sea moss body butter and more! We are proud to already be the wholesale supplier for many large sea moss brands.

What if I want a large Sea Moss Order?

We have the capabilities of supplying very large bulk orders. Take a look around on our site here for the products you are interested in and then contact us via wholesale@seamossisland.com to get our wholesale price list.