What is Sea Moss?

What is sea moss? 

Sea moss is a form of algae also known as seaweed. Sea moss grow and is harvested all over the world but the best known sea moss is from the Caribbean Sea due to the fresh, clean, unpolluted waters. Sea moss has many great benefits and is considered America's #1 superfood. Why you may ask? Because it is packed with 92 vitamins and minerals that the human body need. Imagine getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals you need all in 1 supplement. You will and can with sea moss. Sea moss can grow in many color but the most popular colors are gold and purple. 

What is the difference between purple and gold sea moss?

Although many people may think there is a difference between the 2, there are no differences. They both offer the same great benefits.

Sea Moss Island Products

Sea Moss Island has many great sea moss products to choose from. We have both dry gold and purple sea moss in many sizes including wholesale sea moss. We offer sea moss gummies, sea moss infused hyaluronic acid, sea moss infused cocoa butter, sea moss infused sea oil, sea moss infused body butter, sea moss capsules, sea moss dog treats, and more!